Radio Technology

Radio technology has become very popular and is now an essential part of motor control because of its flexibility. Ventolite awnings has a range of motors with integrated radio receivers called RTS motors. RTS motors offer high performance and are a convenient, reliable solution for blind and window automation which is easy to set-up and install. With radio control no wiring is required between the blind motor and the control unit. Different radio controls are available depending on how many binds need to be controlled.


Hard Wired Controls

The traditional way for electric or automatic control of blinds and shades is to use wall mounted switch or a control unit wired to the blind motor. A wall mounted switch can operate one or several blinds together or separately. Relays are required if more then one blind is being controlled.
Wall mounted switches - control blinds individually or in groups by simply pressing the Up, Down and Stop buttons. It is also possible to program automatic raising and lowering to be activated at set time periods throughout the day and pre-defined positions. Different wall mounted switches are available with different functions.